Wedding Show Packages

There are numerous packages to choose from when considering magic for your wedding. Each show will be personalised and will be perfectly tailored for your function. The following three wedding packages are GUARANTEED to make your wedding nothing short of spectacular.

MINGLE MAGIC - CLOSE-UP STYLE MAGIC This is where the magician will move amongst your guests and performing some mind blowing card tricks, floating objects in the air, making peoples watches and rings disappear and other amazing feats, ensuring your guests are having a great time immediately! This enhances the ice-breaking effect, getting everyone talking, having a great time and preparing them for the great night they have ahead (often as they await the arrival of the wedding party). It also works best on and around the tables at the reception. This provides your guests an amazing vibe of
excitement and leaves them with a lasting impression they will remember for years to come.

COMEDY MAGIC LIVE ON STAGE Ideal for where you want to impress your guests with an amazing and hilarious Magic Show live at your wedding. In the world of entertainment, this is considered to be at the upper echelon of wedding entertainment. An unforgettable gift to your guests. Prepared with some of the most impressive magical effects, Matt will captivate your audience with his multi award winning magic skills, combined with his hilarious wit and one liners, to provide you with an impressive, classy and unforgettable magic show you will want to see again and again. 5 Star Entertainment.

LAS VEGAS STYLE ILLUSION SHOWS Suitable for larger weddings where Matt can perform some of the most amazing Las Vegas Style Illusions ever seen. Guests from within your wedding may be sawn in half or even levitated in the air. Matt’s beautiful assistants may be appearing and disappearing right before your eyes. He can even magically produce the wedding couple live in front of everyone at the reception. Get ready for one of the most visually stunning performances available in the world of magic today.


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